When Big Dogs Get Sick...

... You end up calling one of these:

because all your carpet looks like this:

No, that's not actually my carpet - but that does look like what was deposited in several spots over the last 48 hours at my house.

The canine in question:

She not happy.


sarahbellum said...

small dogs leave just as much puke, trust me.

for what it's worth said...

So, we just steam cleaned the carpet last weekend. It was a hellish job. And less than 1 week later, Ferguson, ate a pound of butter and a few hours later, every single thing that was in his belly, going to be in his belly, or had ever been in his belly, came out all over the nice, beige clean carpets.
He was thoroughly embarrassed and me, I was thoroughly miffed! Ferguson feels Cinder's pain!

Anonymous said...

Cinder is standing with her "I'm sorry... please don't be mad at me" stance. Poor baby... It sure would be nice if she would learn to clean up after herself!


That One Guy said...

Usually "cleaning up after herself" means she tries to eat it back up and act like it never happened, which also never turns out well. Especially when it seems she has a stomach virus.

She only tries that when she feeling good, and can't undertand why everything she ate is now on the floor, and tries to just "put it back" where it was.

Reach Upward said...

This all makes me very relieved that my house is pet free at the moment.