And on a lighter note: MEME's

What is it with the meme's going around the blogosphere? It seems there are themes for everything from "half naked thursday" to "friday five", to "long live Chuck Fridays" to "100 things about me", and all points in between.....

I just saw an interesting one here... "The Interview", where you tell someone to ask you five questions of their choosing, you commit to putting them on your blog, before the questions are submitted to you, all for a chance to do the same to someone else...

So, in keeping with "MEME day", here's my list of lovely hotties with whom I would most like to be stuck in a hotel room... in no particular order

Keira Knightley
Sandra Bullock
Lara Flynn Boyle + 25 more pounds
Demi Moore
Jennifer Connelly
Diane Lane
Cheryl Crow
Tea Leoni
Meg Ryan
Stefi Graff
Penelope Cruz
Gabriella Sabatini

Mrs. ThatOneGuy will tell you that there are probably others, but now you know. Bonus points if you know who that last one is....


for what it's worth said...

ThatOneBrother had a crush on Gabi at one time too.....
Points for me, I know who she is....Game Set Match

That One Guy said...

And lest there be an confusion on the matter, ThatOneWife DEFINITELY has a list of her own.