A Murder Of Crows

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In our parking lot this morning was a murder of crows. They flew up to the power pole when I walked by, so this is the only picture I got. They probably got scared out of the trees this morning because Olympus Cove is apparently on fire - or somewhere very close to it.

I went right in a pulled up the appropriate Sting album on the iPod. 20 points if you can guess the album and song title.

The song in question was written as the story of Sting's father passing away. It was actually on the radio, one of the only songs from that album. It was also recorded in Q-Sound. One of the only albums ever to use that technology. It was invented by a dude in Calgary, Alberta, of all places.

It is meant to give a set of stereo speakers the feeling of a more 3-D sound experience. The technology didn't really catch on all that well. But Sting is an early adopter, that's for sure. Another story for another day.

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That One Guy said...

"Fussin' and flappin' in priestly black like a murder of crows"