Seen in reporting and marketing lately

"Well, after further examinations from the doctors that have been looking at him, the healing process has probably gone as far as it's going to go," said Laviolette, who in turn through all those pious principles out the window with his team in need of a boost in the wake of Weight's injury.

From MSNBC – July 19 2006.

I mostly ignore this stuff when it is in personal communications, like emails or blog posts, etc., but when it's published reporting, and even more grievous, marketing materials, it just KILLS me. Fingernails on the chalkboard. I'm not perfect, but if I was actually published, or if I was a marketing writer, I would make damn good and sure I had it write [sic].

I have not done this much recently, but I'm beginning to get a full page of these again, so it will soon be time again for a blog-flog.


for what it's worth said...

Oh Buoy!
I 'here' you! It drives me crazy how poorly professional writing has become. Typically the worst examples are in technical writing.
In my blog I write much like I speak full of improper English, but then I am by no means a writer. I have much to practice when it comes to using the language properly. But like you, if I were being paid for it, I can tell you it would be purfect!:)

Travis said...

No wonder you were so bothered by my typos on my new site. But hey, they bother me too. That's why I read over each post at least 3 three times. Thanks for you offer to help me.