Not Gettin' It

Is anyone out there actually WATCHING John From Cincinnati? I mean, really. I've watched them all, except for this week's installment. And I don't get it. What does it mean? Don't bother with filtering your comments, thinking you're being a "spoiler" because I likely won't understand what you're talking about anyway. Ignorance is bliss.

I watched the end of The Sopranos, nearly throwing a shoe at the TV at the end, and swearing at DirectTv, whom I am rarely in love with anyway, thinking that our reception had gone out or something.

Then after I recovered from the near-coronary-inducing vein in my forehead, we settled in to watch the pilot for this new show. I didn't understand it then, and I don't now, after having watched, what, five or six of them now. Please help me, if you can.

Next thing: So, yeah, sorry to have been away from this place for a while. I've been loaded down pretty good at the office, and really haven't been truly inspired to write anything much here. Things haven't really changed that much - laissez faire, I guess. The mortgage industry continues to be a concern for the broader markets, Blackstone issues itself through IPO, then promptly goes on a shopping spree and buys the Hilton network (though I imagine Ms. Paris was NOT a part of the deal). Let's see, what else...

Michael Vick has been indicted for dogfighting. That's a heinous and nasty thing to be doing, and does nothing to assuage the perception that football players and other athletes are nothing more than total Neanderthals. As if we needed more proof of that. Pigs.

Speaking of sports, has anybody besides me noticed that about every road in the Salt Lake Valley is RIPPED UP? In Sandy they've begun construction on the new boondoggle stadium for the local soccer team, Real Salt Lake. They have the WORST record in league history, and bets are that they may not even EXIST by the time the stadium is ready for occupancy.

The worst wild fire in the nation right now is in Oregon and Washington state. over the last two weeks the biggest in the nation was right here in Utah - it burned more than 360,000 acres... and that's a lot.

Up til yesterday, we had mroe than 37 days without measurable rain in the Salt Lake area, with 7 of those days topping out at more than 100 degrees. We got a spit of rain and thunderstorms last night, but the heat is set to continue. Our news folks forecast the next 5 days at least over 100 degrees. Which sucks.

So, there's life in a nutshell. I'll get back to posting more here shortly now, even with some pictures, and the witty charm you've all (!) become accustomed to over time.

For now, enjoy some glass cats: