Caught in the act:

You know I have a tendency to post pictures when I don't have much to say. In fact, I have lots to say, with the state leg in session, hoping to legislate our collective morality, and the bloggy land and newspaper opinion pages afire with people making stupid comments and assumptions.

But I shall refrain.

Instead, this was us last night when we were caught watching Chuck in 3D:

There was an interesting conversation last week on Science Friday... talking about 3D technology. The conversation was about whether 3D would move to a more mainstream valid media entertainment method.

To which I responded, "********* I hope not." I was in my car at the time, so I was allowed to swear outloud.

It was a gimmick in the 50s, the 80s, and now it's the same.

I would throw up if I had to watch more than 40 minutes of anything in 3D. Still waiting for that first 3D porn movie though. On second thought... I'll pass on that one.... take an eye out... okay, on to other things...
Here's a picture I took from my computer's web cam the other day... what can i say - I was bored at the time:

Here's what the mountains look like when the smog is thick as mud in the valley below, where all of us normal folk live:

No, that's not me... some moron floated by just as I was taking the pic.

I think I should have a blog topic category that says, "Nothing at all. Nothing to see here, move along, back to your homes now..."