BREAKING: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tapped for McCain VP

News outlets are reporting that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is to be named as McCain's VP pick.

What do I have to say about that, you ask?

It seems like a low-brow, pandering pick aimed at attracting the jilted Clinton Dems who wanted a woman in The Office.

The question is this - is that really going to work? Does McCain think women will flock to his ticket, particularly women Democrats who feel jilted at Obama's pick and process? Is that really what you women are willing to do, you who are unhappy with the Democratic ticket? Do you care more about a woman, ANY woman, in the Whitehouse than supporting a philosophy of policy? Are you a member of a political party, or the Party Of Women? Because if you're just a Party Of Women, that really means you would vote for a woman using the Nazi Party platform, or the Communist Party, or whatever else. Because gender is the only thing that matters? Please make McCain be wrong on that assumption. Be better than that. Please be bigger than that.

Isn't it time to support a platform of policy rather than gender? Because if it's not, why don't you just support the idea of taking the vote away from males, and allowing only the females to vote?

Kind of crazy to me, I think.

On to another note, now that I have that out of my system. I would have paid a lot to be at the DNC in Denver this week. I would have loved to see Teddy Kennedy deliver his speech live and in person - it feels to me like a passing of history before my eyes. I think I am older than most who read here - I was born just a couple of months before JFK was assassinated, and I have always felt a sort of connection to that event, and the Kennedy presidency.

Okay, enough of that - you can flame me if you want. Whatever. But tell me what you think of Obama's pick. Remember when I picked Biden as my candidate in May 2006, before he had even announced his candidacy? I like him. A lot. He's not afraid to bloody a nose or two, not afraid to say that we should be enforcing the laws we have, rather than trying to solve problems by enacting new laws. He's not afraid to call "Treason!" when he sees it. He's not a millionaire rich boy who has no connection to the middle class. He is the middle class.

Okay, so there you have my political thoughts in a nutshell. On to other things - we spent a long weekend away last weekend to play some golf before the summer ended and school started up. It also happened to be the last weekend of summer rates in Mesquite, where, if you dare, you can play golf in 110 degrees for half price or better. We had some great times with some friends, saw a show at the Shakespeare Festival, and at Tuacahn, played four rounds of golf, met some great new people, drank some wine, sat by/in the pool, and generally had a great time. We played 36 holes on Saturday - that was perhaps the hottest day of golf I have ever experienced - by the time we got to the last nine, we were the only ones on the course, and I was wearing a wet towel on my head like Malibu Barbie.

To top it all off, I bested my personal low score on Sunday morning before we came home, posting a 75, to better my two 78s played earlier this year. So all in all, a great weekend, and a nice refresher to get back and down to the task at hand.

Unfortunatley, we forgot the camera at home, and therefore this post has more text than pictures. I'll try to do better next time.


On being a uni-brow

See those two hairs there? yeah - those two. They belong neither to the right nor the left. They are volunteers. No mater what I do - pluck, pull, shave, jab, tweeze, whatever... they just come back.

Stubborn little volunteers.



I rest my case:

Follow up to a couple of comments....

Never been seen together, at least not as far as Google knows, but the resemblance is striking nonetheless.


A picture post, if you will:

A few weeks ago, we went to The Police concert. It TOTALLY lived up to the hype. My ears rang and my voice was husky. We were close, and even if we weren't, there was a massive HD screen behind the trio that showed everything that one would have needed to see.

Elvis Costello opened, and he was great as well. Louder even than The Police ever got, and that's saying something, because they also got pretty loud.

Really, there is a lot more to say here (particularly about the drumming of Stewart Copeland) - but as you know, I'm generally without words right now. Suffice it to say, ThatOneWife says it's perhaps the best concert she's ever been to, at least in a very long while. And I would have to agree.

AND, when Sting has a few days' growth on, you could put a pair of wiry glasses and a black mock turtleneck on him, and he would be Steve Jobs.

Just sayin.


Sometimes the subject is in the background

The little dude in the background wishes he was our kid too. I have no doubt of this.

This is the youngest of our usually-stampeding herd. He's a pretty swell kid, like the rest of them.

Where I am right now, from a blogging perspective:

Just a note:

When the sign on the Alpine Slide says SLOW DOWN, you should do that.

Just sayin'....