#250: Guess the Legs

OK, you can't guess the legs, and it's not what you thought, is it??

These are the legs that belong to Ron Boone, Utah Jazz color commentator, retired player. He hobbled in to the office to get his taxes done upstairs - the tax guy upstairs from us does several of the Jazz players and staff. Did you know that they have to pay state taxes on money earned at every "away" game they either play or broadcast? That can't be fun - and it's gotta be a nightmare for the tax dudes too. That's a lot of 1099's.

Anyway, have you EVER seen a former/retired player (who played a full career) who is able to WALK, as opposed to HOBBLE?

He has a GNARLY 10 inch scar on the outside of his left knee, and it obviously still hurts. He almost winces every time he steps on it. Obvious limp. It's been this way every time he comes in here, at least for the last 3 years... I've also played golf in a group behind him too... same thing... hobble.

Seems there is a price for the bling and glamour of sports... I doubt they talk about that much when you're negotiating the first contract out of college. Kickin it at the crib with the ice-pack, not with the Tu-Pac.

I'm just sayin'.

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for what it's worth said...

You know it's very true...many years ago, I went to the physician that was team doctor for the Edmonton Eskimos. Watching them hobble down the hall made me wonder if the money and torture to their bodies was worth it.
Hell, it's hard enough getting older what with things following gravitational pull, muscles contracting when they didn't use to, and bones going snap, crackle, pop. Putting all that additional strain on your body....you're going to end up paying your "salary" out to orthopeds and surgeons when your sports days are through. Ah, but the glory of the game...