Update to World's Happiest Country

So a little while ago I posted results from the compilations of mulitple surveys distilling the "satisfaction with life" results on a country-by-country basis. Some of you noted that although there were several Scandinavian countries listed in the top 10, that Norway was in fact absent from that group.

I have now found out why that is. Now you can find out too.

Don't worry, it's a G-Rated news story.


Reach Upward said...

Well, I guess the guy at least wasn't driving drunk, which is a serious crime in Norway (much more serious than it is here). Those tiny European cars don't have much room in the back seats, but ya know, they still had the option of actually parking first.

for what it's worth said...

The other night we were at the sister's house. Among her law books she has a "Stupid Laws" book. (And it was a category in Balderdash...lucky for her) There are dumber laws out there than Norway's. (Did you know that in Moab, Utah, it is illegal for a woman to wear heels over 1 1/2 inches tall?)

That One Guy said...

Reach: I read a story while looking at this, that anecdotally related the story of a fellow who had perpetual lower leg problems because his legs were always hanging out the rear window of his car, banging his shins and calves.

I laughed.