Weekend Bike Ride

ThatOneWife and I FINALLY got out onto our bikes over the weekend. We had taken a drive out to Evanston a month or two ago. Though it wasn't PRIMARILY to pick up some fully-leaded Molson Golden, that was certainly accomplished as well. Beside the highway in many spots is the "Rail Trail." It runs from Coalville into Park City.

We decided to do a portion of that trail into Park City, and put on about 8-9 miles. Which for us is good these days, we haven't been on the bikes much this year, and it was definitely good to get out to do that. Now we have the badges of sore muscles and sore arses. We like the feeling of having sore legs, it means we actually DID something for a change.

Then I was reading Holly Mullen this morning, and she noted that she also went for a ride this weekend. She rode from the Shopko on 20th east at the mouth of the canyon, up to Snowbird in the annual Snowbird Hill Climb. 10 miles, 9% grade.

So, now I suck.

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for what it's worth said...

The fact that you got on your bike and rode futher than the local convenience store out of necessity, is worthy of praise!
( and in case your still feeling defeatist, our friends here this weekend, had to leave early as her brother was involved in a head on collision on his bike, with an SUV...he sustained lots of injuries. So the fact that you rode your bike, gave your heart a workout and returned home in 1 piece...good on ya mate!)