Kurt Bestor Googles his name...

A while back, I wrote about my surprise to find out that Kurt Bestor is a democrat. I went on to mention (in the comments section of the post) that I had worked with him in a professional capacity several years ago, and found it to be a less-than fun experience. Okay, I called him a knob. Oh yes I did. That was the way I felt and I wrote it.

Anyway, I got an email about a week ago. From Kurt Bestor. Said he:
You gotta love the worldwide web! This morning, I ran across a commentary of yours. I've read nicer things over my bowl of morning oatmeal.

So I wrote back, told him who I am, and we talked about the mutual experience we shared together, and my impressions of it. Turns out, he was equally frustrated, if not more so, with the entire situation, and it seems my general dislike of the person may have been misplaced. We did the back and forth thing a few times, talked about this and that, and he mentioned that he had broken bread with Pete Ashdown, and he would in fact be voting for him, even though Hatch has a benefitial stance on music licensing issues, which has a lot to do with how Mr. Bestor makes his living.

So, long story short, I hereby retract the comment regarding the KNOB part. Mr. Bestor, please accept my humble apologies. Good guy, down to earth, regular lunch box, nice guy. We ironed out any differences, got onto the same page with regard to the source of our now-mutual unhappiness, and I just wanted to make that clear in this venue. I'm not a consumer of his music, but that's neither here nor there. And that doesn't make him any less talented. Because he is.

He is pictured here with George S. Clinton, composer on films like the Austin Powers movies, Mortal Combat movies, and, most recently, The Santa Clause III. Incidentally, I did some recording with Mr. Clinton on a film with Chuck Norris and for some stuff in 3-D with Busch Gardens, back in the day/another life. Sorry, just couldn't help a little self-plug there.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.


Reach Upward said...

You're a big man to admit a mistake.

Cindy said...

Knob....great insult, TOG.

for what it's worth said...

Well, others have just now found out what we have known for years....you're wrong...just ask me... I know, you're wrong. :)
(glad to hear that you had a chance to chat with him...always good to share experiences...nice or not-so-nice)