SO something I would do....

From yesterday's Tribune: While the Torgersens and Eastons normally see the rooftops of the other houses along Reeves Lane below them, this house extends more than 5 feet above the line of the hill. (Gasp!! 5 Feet!!)

"We used to have a view of the mountains," Janet Torgersen lamented. "He didn't have to take everyone's view."

All together now, let's have a little pity party for the Torgersens and the Eastons, who think that because they built their starter-castles ABOVE everyone else, that the lots also came with unobstructable views. How DARE someone build THEIR Garage-Mahal right next to MY Starter-Castle??!! I mean, THE NERVE of some people!

Poor Janet. Now she can't look down the hill at her loyal subjects anymore.

After continuous complaints from the Eastons and Torgersens, the owner of the new home had a "decorative vent cover" installed on the back side, facing the lovely neighbors. See for yourself - what do YOU think it is? Cactus? Abstract art? Yeah, I don't think so.

Janet Torgersen said she spoke with - and showed photos to - Riverton City Manager Lance Blackwood and others at City Hall.

Wood (owner of the house under construction) said he might be willing to change the vent covering. "If it's offensive to them - as they have been to me - I'm not above an apology [from them]."

Poor Janet. See you at church on Sunday, though!!


for what it's worth said...

I think I would like a vent just like that....my only concern is that the gang members who live down the street might take it as a sign of confrontation....oh, hell, maybe I'll just have to get a peace sign instead. That'll still disturb the OCD neighbour who gripes everytime I get a mushroom on my lawn.

Reach Upward said...

You know what they say in real estate: You want the view, then buy the view. When you build somewhere, you can't expect that the unpurchased property adjacent to you will remain in its current state forever. If you want to see the mountains so much, buy the property. How's that for flouting your affluence?