Self-Defacating Humor (?) for Friday

You've probably seen the "Pee & Poo" plushies, (here)

But now there is something for you ladies who anxiously take the little "pee-stick test" every so often, (here), you can wrap it up and give it to your man once you get yor results. Your results may vary.

And in other news: New Masthead Tag Line this week, for you who watch that sort of thing. I try to rotate it about every week or so. See, odd humor packed into every bit of your online experience here. Now THAT'S great value, people.


for what it's worth said...

I will only buy one if they come up with a "gas" plushie. Hmmm what colour would it be...???? Cinder, come here....

sarahbellum said...

umm...eww? the first set of 'dolls' not the second. obviously.

new mast head is a hit with me!