Reflections... too much information.

There are times in the year when we take the time to reflect on the past year... New Year's, Spring time, birthdays, the start of the school year.

September is an interesting time around ThatOneHousehold. Both ThatOneWife and I have birthdays in September, six days apart. That time is separated with other ThatOneKid September birthdays as well, and is book-ended by a ThatOneDaughter birthday on Aug 28th, and by both of our fathers' birthdays in October.

This time around it is a bit more interesting than most. ThatOneFamily, in case you weren't aware, is a bit of a Brady Bunch Home on steroids... we each brought four kids to the mix, rather than the three we usually think of when we talk about the Brady kids. (and yes, I would give my left nut to have that lovely mid-century modern house we all grew to know as kids - although, my left one is shooting blanks these days, so there's not much value in that proposition.) Sorry - that was probably too much information.

Anyway, it's the INTERIOR that interests me, rather than the exterior, which never matched the interior shots... Again, Probably too much information.

I digress.

This year, ThatOneWife is blue, because her youngest just started Junior High, and the oldest daughter, heretofore referred to as ThatOnePrincessDaughter, has just started her Freshman year at USU. Her oldest has been out on his own for about 14 months now, and the other daughter, ThatOneOtherDaughter, is a ninth grade SBO and is, reportedly, growing boobs measured "by the minute" (ThatOneWife's report, not mine).

My oldest is at the MTC, and the middle two (twins - "thing one, thing two") are high school juniors, and the youngest has just begun fifth grade.

So, all of this is to note that ThatOneWife feels old now, when taken in conjunction with the idea that we celebrated her 40th birthday LAST September. However, most people think she looks 31, an opinion I happen to share.

For myself, I do feel the years sometimes, but, as with most males, I suspect, it's only a fleeting thing, and then it's off to look at boobies from there.

So, this post is to tell ThatOneWife that I think she is wonderfully beautiful, lovely, fun, and not old, like she thinks. She's my best friend, and I am looking forward to doing the things we want to do as our kids grow and move on to their own things. She's the smartest person I know. She's my hero, my buddy, I can't imagine how I survived for so long without her, and I can't imagine being without her now.

Happy birthday to us both.


for what it's worth said...

And if we might add our two cents on the issue...ThatOneWife has added so much to the extended family. She encouraged you to be the man you wanted to be and the rest of us are very thankful.
Both of you are tops in our books....and you deserve each other ( good, bad, and 45...)So, enjoy getting older...I say this, because there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop it, and you might as well enjoy the ride...hasn't been too bad so far huh?

Reach Upward said...

Congrats. September is a FANTASTIC month in which to be born, speaking from experience, mind you.

On the aging thing... Well, I was going to write some optimistic platitudes about aging, but we already know all of this stuff, so let's forget that. But, in my opinion, youth is highly overrated. I wouldn't go back if I could.

Dillhole said...

huh huh huh, he said boobies. huh huh.