Move to Portland / Free Willy!!

So, I have a co-worker here who has gathered up the gumption to finally do what he has talked about for two years. He's moving to Portland, Ore.

He's been searching online for a room to rent while he gets his schnizz together. Every once in while I hear little giggles coming from his side of the office, and then he shares.

One of the rooms for rent is advertised (as many of them are, he reports) as "must be green friendly, 420 friendly - BYOB (bring your own bong), and GLBT friendly."

We have a good laugh, and he goes back to looking... He's thinking he's going to need to eschew the shower and start up some dreads in order to fit in. He needs some Crocs too. He's leaving around Sept 15th. I'll miss him.

You go, Willy!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't expect to fit in anywhere I may find myself, but I will heed your advice on the appropriate hygiene and hope for some acceptance?!