So it seems the happy couple, Tom Dolan and Dave Checketts, are teaming up to meet with the Jordan School District in October to ask them to please give up some of the money the district gets from property taxes, so they can build their stadium.

No taxpayer money, but we can just get it from the schools instead.

Because Utah schools are apparently rolling in money. Stashed in desk drawers and in cafeteria cupboards, I guess.

That sounds like a GREAT deal. If your name is Checketts.

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like a salt-laden breakfast cereal?

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Like ANY school district in this state can afford to have their funds diverted.

Teachers in the Jordan School District received about a 5% pay increase last year. Most of them will see a negative impact in their pay checks because their portion of their health insurance coverage has more than doubled. The cost of family coverage went from $137 per month to more than $360 this year. If a teacher makes 30K a year, their increase is $125 per month. The cost of their health insurance went up by $223 per month.

I also remember hearing that because of the cut in benefits, Jordan district had a huge exodus of teachers over the summer. They have had to fill more teaching positions than any other district because of their cuts.

I’m all for a Soccer team in Utah. I love going to the games and think it is a great thing for our community. However, it may be a great thing for our community, but NOT at the expense of our children.

That One Guy said...

Can I hear an "AMEN"!!!