Busy news week

Interesting to see the coverage of the Whitehouse Rock and Roll Tour. The Salt Lake Tribune ran a picture of Bush this morning making him look like a cross between a Curious George and Gollum. Deseret News ran the headline: Bush Wows SLC Crowd. (Should have been : Bush Wows GOP Crowd.)

The TV and radio news ran interesting quotes as well:

Rocky, at the rally he sponsored: We're here because it's time for us to tell our government to get out of this immoral and illegal war!! Give us the truth!! (repeat as needed.)

Heard at the We Love Bush rally: We are here because Bush is a great president, he's going to protect us, he's going to teach us how to protect ourselves, and he's going to help us civilize the entire world!!

So, my question is this: Are we paying Bush to civilize the whole world, mostly against their will?

I swear, that's the most egotistical thing I've heard in the last 25 minutes.


I heard that last one on my way to the office this morning, and I almost drove off the road. I also laughed outloud when they showed Bush getting off his flying limo last night - Hatch and Bennett, standing there, poised to plant their lips firmly onto the ass of the Commander, and Chief warmonger. And they couldn't have been more proud to do it either.

Pied piper.

On a loosely related note, Economic Census data has been released. Highlights:

Forty percent of the 20% lowest income recipients live in the South.(p17)
Thirty two percent of the highest 20% income recipients live in the South.(p17)
The number of uninsured, 46.6 million (15.7%) is the highest in US history.(p30)
Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured population, 24.6% of Texans.(p34)
36,950,000 people live at or below the poverty line.(p53)
8.3% of White, Non-Hispanic, Households are below the poverty line.(p55)
24.9% of Black Alone Households are below the poverty line.(p56)
11.1% of Asian Alone Households are below the poverty line.(p57)
21.8% of Hispanic Households are below the poverty line.(p58)

Seems this country could use a little civilization right here. The middle class, upon which the government depends for the vast majority of its revenue, is quickly dissappearing, right before our eyes. Meanwhile, the Federal deficit spirals its way toward 9 Trillion. With a T.

And this just in: (hat tip to SLCSPIN, and The Utah Amicus)

Thank You Pete Ashdown
Feed the hungry

Ashdown holds a "feed the hungry, not the politicians" event, in stark contrast to what Hatch and Bush are doing at lunch time today:

Fundraiser: More than 1000 Wealthy Republicans will pony up $500 a plate to attend.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--Pete Ashdown's "Feed the Hungry, Not the Politicians" dinner collected $8370 for charities in Utah and nationwide. Remarking on its success, Ashdown said: "Once again Utahns have shown that they are the most charitable people in the country, and I am just very excited about how many people opened their hearts and pockets to help our needy families." The event, personally financed by Ashdown, mainly benefited four Utah charities that deal with hunger in Utah; the charities' only involvement will be receiving the individual contributions.

In short remarks to the crowd, Ashdown touched on today's Census Bureau report on poverty in the United States. "In the richest country in the world, we have one in eight Americans in poverty; we can do better than that, both as a state and as a nation." Playing off a presidential slogan, Ashdown said "To truly leave no child behind, they must have the energy to make it through the day." Ashdown applauded President Bush coming to Utah, and wished there would be more presidential visits to the West. However, Ashdown added that: "Each time the President has come to Utah, he has banged the drums of war. I would hope that there would be a time when he plays the pipes of peace."


for what it's worth said...

We stayed up past bedtime last ngiht to watch a talk show. They had the most priceless tape of George Weenis Bush telling the reporter "I've read 3 Shakespeares thsi summer. My reading has become 'eletrik'" instead of ecletic.
Harper is no better, but at least he knows English....

sarahbellum said...

i was stunned when i heard a recap of the speech on npr this morning. civilizing the entire world, a one man job. awesome.

That One Guy said...

It's like the Million Man March, only not.