About a week ago, I was mentioning to a friend that we might be looking at a World War scenario here in Isreal/Lebanon, if things started happening in an escalating fashion.

Then about 3 days ago, it was being referred to by the same moniker on talk radio, blogs, etc.

Then yesterday and today, it's in the mainstream media, and it's being discussed at the governmental level this way as well, in reference to Sec. Rice's impending (impeding?) visit to the area.

I don't think this is very good.

I'm just sayin.


for what it's worth said...

It scares the freaking beJeepers out of me.
And the fact that it has taken the world's super-powers such a long time to react...assumably so as not to irk either side, makes me think there's something more under the surface.
The power that the Israeli military has, is frightening on it's own, pair that with larger equally powerful nations with whom they can align, and we had all better duck....low!

Diana Joy said...

Awesome blog:) It's such a scary thought:(
Diana Joy