Want to work for Mark Cuban?

One of the blogs in my RSS feed is that of Marc Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise, along with SEVERAL other business interests like HDNet, movie production, etc.

Now that the playoffs are over, the draft is done, and the deadline for beginning to sign free agents has come and gone, with its flurry of activity and the debased need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on pimply selfish basketball players has past, his time has turned to other business interests, which, for him, are many.

Over the weekend, he made a job offer on his blog. All you have to do is come up with a fresh NEW idea for marketing movies to consumers. He goes over the financial burden that is marketing a wide-audience film before it opens. He opens his post like this: "This is an open challenge. You come up with a solution, you get a job. Seriously."

See his post here.

Seems simple for the creative mind, until he goes over the things they already do. You job is to come up with something new and creative, that will prove itself financially, you get the job.

I am going to bet he gets an email box full of quacky wierd crap. Just a hunch.

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for what it's worth said...

At this point I would work for anyone...
Hey I was wondering if the little girl had been found?