Put up or shut up...

A day or two ago I made a comment on another blog about the fact that I felt the judge got it right in the suit brought by film directors and producers against "film sanitizers".

I said generally that you don't get to put gym shorts on the statue of David, just because it might offend your moral sensitivities.

A couple of hours later, I got an email from the owner of the blog asking if I would provide a sound bite to that effect for a local radio show on KSL radio. After some initial griping on my part, I decided that if I was willing to share the opinion on someone's blog, I should be willing to say it to a microphone. So I did.

Apparently, the show aired last night between 10 and midnight, and Ethan, over at SLCSpin was a guest on that show, offering other political opinion and observation.


CVF said...

I agree with the ruling but why doesn't the movie industry make good on a promise or statement they made as DVD's were becoming the 'hot new thing'. Give us the ability to watch a PG version of a show (airline edited version) by selecting from the DVD menu. I will add that some shows (i.e. Shindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, etc) need to be kept in their original format to fully experience the film. But, there are too many shows that have a sex scene just because they wanted it there and it gave nothing to the story.

Just like downloading films, the movie industry is fighting technology rather than embracing it and using it to their benefit. Sooner or later they will be standing on the outside looking in.

Clink, clink...my two cents.

That One Guy said...

You're exactly right... they already provide an "airline" version, and, in most cases, a television version as well. They SHOULD provide something like that on the DVD release... Note however that the airline version is provided on VHS still, as DVD players can't yet handle the vibration that airliners produce. Note also that it's only the US-based airlines that want a thinned down version - European and other world airlines DON'T filter that out on flights.

Also, I think it all comes down to return vs investment. While the voice of people who want this version available is loud - it isn't large, and it isn't economic to provide that to such a small group of purchasers. When you think about it, it would likely be the difference between releasing a single disc package, as opposed to a double disc package, effectively doubling the cost of production and release. And we're talking about worlwide production. Doesn't make business sense to do that for the relatively low number of consumers.

CVF said...

Then let us download it. Being a techno-geek I can always come up with a simple (yet somewhat expensive) solution. :-)

That One Guy said...

now you're thinking... Comcast and Tivo have been working on this for a while now... as an add-on feature to the "on-demand" catalog... if they get their way, you would be able to not only choose when you view it, as it is right now, but you could set it to record, then burn it either permanently to your TIVO machine, or onto a disc-fully coppy protected of course...!

I would think it wouldn't be hard to get those versions into a catalog.

Good thought.