Destiny Norton

Since there are those who read me that don't live here, or don't read the same blogs I do, I was going to write about Destiny Norton this morning. However, Since there are several other sites doing the same, all I'll do is link them here, as there is not much that I have to add to the already-good remarks made by others:

Salt Lake Tribune's Article:

SLCSpin #1:

SLCSpin #2:

Reach Upward: Thoughts on citizens' rights, etc.:

I will note however, that there are many who are saying that the Police fell down on the job, and there were things that they should have caught/discerned. The SLCSpin link #1 noted some of these discrepancies.

How truly unfortunate.

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for what it's worth said...

How terribly, terribly sad. I know that she will be loved and embraced forever. And I know that "this man" ( yah, yah presumed innocent until found guilty) will face the wrath of God.

Even more importantly, we need to work to keep our children safe.