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So every time I restart my computer, I get this barage of junk that starts up, mostly from MSN, and some other places too, that tells me I NEED to go here and read that, see this, do that...

I saw a thing that asked if my cell phone was on the top 10 list of radiation-producing cell phones. Interesting. So I burned two minutes and checked it out. It seems that if your phone is made by Motorola, there is a STRONG chance yours is in the top 10, because 9 of the top 10 spots are happily occupied by Motorola. They must be proud.

Every time I go to upgrade my phone, and sign
my left nut away for the next two years on a contract, they tell me that I shouldn't get a motorola. They break and generally wear out BEFORE the two year contract period, and you have to end up buying another one, or, if you prefer, you can sign up for an ADDITIONAL two years to get one cheaper... keep that up and you're on the "friend for life" program. Previous experience with a motorola phone bears that out. So I don't own a Motorola. So at least I'm safe from THAT (questionable, at best) source of radiation. Now on to the 2 dozen or so other ones.

North Korean di
ctator Kim Jong Il got married over this last weekend. I'm sure he and Gail Ruzicka will be very happy together. Honestly, I didn't even know she was on the market. Had I only known....

Apparently, you burn 1.5 calories for every minute of sex. (Insert your punch line here)...
Mine: Is the 7 calories really worth the effort?

You gotta love a grassroots politician who knows when a GREAT opportunity is staring him in the face:

I have MANY contacts, both business and personal, who use MSN Messenger to communicate. One of those business contacts, from Florida, hooked up on my contact list this week as we were working to complete a transaction. In case you aren't aware, the Messenger window has a
spot where you can tag an image of your choice to be shown as your visual identifier. When this contact got online with me the other day for the first time, he saw this as my picture, and, unfortunately, thought it was me:

Some of my other favorites:

And while we're on the subject of photos, here's a picture of an Argentine soccer fan at the recent World Cup, exercising her.. umm... lungs:

How to tell if there's a terrorist at YOUR airport:

On to other worthy pursuits:


Article from last Friday's Tribune about Utah's housing market traffic. Utah has gotten lots of recent national attention from the reported appreciation rates here in the state. Incidentally, the makings of a "housing bubble" occur when the wages and jobs don't keep up with appreciation rates in the same area. This is usually facilitated by people OUTSIDE the area coming in to scoop up property who don't depend on the local economy to make the payments. This works against the locals trying to buy primary residences, because they are using local jobs to pay for the homes. Wages don't compete with that situation. When this starts to happen, home builders will often limit the number of non-primary residence homes they will sell, effectively protecting their houses from out-of-state scalpers or flippers who are just going to sit on it, vacant, for six months, then try to sell it at a tidy profit. Other investors will buy properties, then rent them. If you are a builder, and see lots of this going on in your communities, you quickly realize these types of buyers turn your neighborhoods into rental slums, or vacant homes, neither of which is healthy for the long term value of the homes you build.

So there's your Real Estate education for the day. Something for everyone today.

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for what it's worth said...

That isn't you???? I am crushed!!!!!! OhMyHigherBeing! That is too funny.
And on a side note, the University just bought Dillhole a fancy schmancy Motorola...as long as it's not my nickel....and as for the radiation, the number of rays we have been subjected to over the years standing with the kids for various x rays I am not too worried about a phone... as long as I can use it with my third ear.