The Monday Pessimist

Do you remember the last time you said to yourself, after seeing some heartwarming occurrence, "Gee, that restores my faith in Humanity."

Do you remember that? Remember?

Well, take it all back, because you are wrong. Humanity has one and only one common denominator: I don't like you - I kill you.

With an insurgency in Iraq showing no sign of tiring, and a US occupation showing no sign of intelligence...

to the middle east where different factions of powerful terrorist organizations lob bad things at each other and all the civilians in the way, there seems to be no hope for humanity after all.

So, call in the United Nations Security Council. Yes, that will do the trick.

Seeing comments taped over the last few days, these men are nothing more than flacid wrinkly old men whose words are meaningless, and offer no real substance to anyone in harm's way. They are Pavlov's dogs, who do nothing more than offer old trained rhetorical statements to new conflicts as response to "what we've always said in situations like this", and problems that have been around so long, they're almost older than dirt itself. Almost older than the dirt over which they fight anyway.

RRRIINNGGG!!! Time for food!

Here's to a better Tuesday.


for what it's worth said...

Joining the flacid old men is the Canadian Government who in their infinite wisdom have shut the doors to their embassy in Lebanon.
4 children under the age of 6 were involved in the violence and now they are their parents are dead. Canadian citizens...with nowhere to hide.
So call a tribunal, and discuss it....as usual. Dickbies!!!!

That One Guy said...

and get this: Several other countries have already started, and are well under way, to geting their citizens out. Except the US. Plans are "still being finalized."

I'm sure the 25,000 US citizens are comforted by that.

for what it's worth said...

As are the Canadians. Again bureacracy at it's finest....way to go George and "Steve" ( as Bush called PM Harper)