Head-Strong soccer player

Zinedine Zidane, reputed to be the best soccer player on the planet, when Beckham isn't on the pitch, anyway, carried his team into overtime of the World Cup soccer tourney yesterday. But halfway through the overtime period, he HEADBUTTS a dude from Italy. He gets a red card, gets ejected from the game, and the field. Then France loses the game on a PK that COULD have been taken by him, if he were still in the game.

Fine. Whatever. He shows his true self as a regular soccer hooligan like so many others.

But then, in an incredibly lame turn of events, he is awarded the tournament's Best Player by FIFA.

FIFA sucks, which was evident in the way games were officiated throughout the tournament. They confirmed it with this crowning little achievement.

As a side note, Zidane plays for Real Madrid, as does Beckham. Real Madrid has apparently been signed to make a trip to Salt Lake. The interesting part of that tidbit is the fact that they have a new coach, and when he was asked about his upcoming trip to Salt Lake, he responded, "we're still deciding if we are going to the US this summer."

[insert cricket noises here] - the silence is deafening. Blank stares - deer in headlights....


I imagine the Real folks have sweaty armpits about now. They have been hawking those premium tickets for a while. The only way to get them at this point, is to either buy a mini-season ticket package, or buy 100 tickets for you and your posse.

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