"That One Guy" gets honorable mention

From Scott Adams' (Dilbert creator) blog: Pet Peeves - in the comment section, a professional musician adds these peeves to Scott's set of Peeves:

Going through security at airports = pain in the ass...yes I'm glad you think my horn looks pretty...no I won't play it for you, I have a plane to catch and no, I think Kenny G is a punk ass bitch. No I will not check my instrument, it will fit in the overhead bin.

Any situation that I might play with my case open for tips... My instrument case is NOT a trash can. If you don't like the way I play, don't listen. By the way, I make a point to return all trash I receive to its rightful owner, which usually makes them feel like a jerk.

Don't put anything in the bell of my horn. It isn't funny. My instrument is expensive and is what I rely on to make money. I don't come to your office and mess with your computer.

That one guy that thinks it is hilarious to request "Free Bird"...at every gig I ever play at.

(I guess I'll have to stop yelling that at every concert I go to. Too bad... Maybe I'll start requesting something from Barry Manilow or the Pointer Sisters.)

And finally (this happened to a friend of mine in Tokyo) don't walk up to a street musician and grab him in the crotch. That is seriously f*ed up. Perhaps that might be a cultural difference, I don't know. I would be surprised though.

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