Burrito-free Monday

So, no street corner burritos today, they're all protesting. So on that note, I would suggest the following:

How about if all illegals stay home from our schools. And if you're an illegal, do us a favor and don't drive on our roads without insurance. Honestly, we could do without a day of spinny-wheels and tires the size of Krispy-Kremes that stick out from the fenders of your car by 10 inches.

And while we're at it, how bout a day where you DON'T get service at the local hospital, doctor office or "free" clinic. And don't call 911 either, we have to pay for that, not you, apparently.

Just a thought. It seems this little "protest" is so brutally one-sided. Illegals come here and take advantage of all the wonderful services we have, for free, because they aren't documented. Then when some legistator wants to try to hold everyone equally accountable to the rule of law, as it should be in a FREE AND EQUAL society, those who are breaking the law stand up and demonstrate that their rights are somehow being tread upon. Let's have that equality extend in both directions - equality should be color (or race) blind. That means ALL should be accountable to the same rule of law.

Okay, enough of that, I said I wasn't going to rant anymore on this issue. It's not good for my bolld pressure.

On to other things.

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