Bush Legacy Needs More Input

ORLANDO, Fla. - President Bush suggested Wednesday that he'd like to see his family'’s White House legacy continue, perhaps with his younger brother Jeb as the chief executive.

The president said Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is well-suited for another office and would make "a great president."”

"I would like to see Jeb run at some point in time, but I have no idea if thatÂ’s his intention or not," Bush said in an interview with Florida reporters, according to an account on the St. Petersburg Times Web site.

Maybe it's just me, but haven't they done enough already? Can't they just go back to Texas and thumb their noses at the rule of law from there? Heck, Barry Bonds will beed a team to coach soon, won't he? I mean after he serves his time for perjury. After all, he'd make "a great coach."

I'm just sayin....


Reach Upward said...

I dunno, maybe W wants to see Jeb run just so he can see little brother get spanked. You know, it'd give him and dad bragging rights at family gatherings.

If Jeb does decide to run, he's probably going to have to wait a couple of cycles for things to cool down, kind of the same way Hillary has had to wait a couple of cycles following Bill's time in office.

That One Guy said...

Yes, yes, watching the country get run into the ground for braggin rights and a good laugh at the family picnic... makes me laugh.

"HEY Jeb, remember that time when you... ??" hahaha, that was a good one, did you see the look on that dude (name of the most convenenient NATO country's leader here)'s face!!? I almost called him just to laugh at him! It was priceless, man! Nice one - kudos on that one. Pass the baked beans please."

Hopefully, the voters will need more than a "couple" of cycles to forget this last few years. Hopefully they'll remember their wallets (and in particular, how THIN they are), when it comes around time to think about another President Bush. It's vitually guaranteed that we'll still be laboring under the current regime's spending policies at that point in the future, WHENEVER it is.