Enough is Enough - I'm calling the fashion police.

How much can one peasant be forced to endure? What is it about politicians and the cereal box, 2 button POS Navy/Gray suit and the (gasp!) red tie?? On a "feeling frisky" day, it's a (double-gasp) blue tie!

Please, make it stop. Why can't somebody in Washington learn to dress these dopes? We need the Queer Eye guys to take Washington by storm.

Meanwhile, on this morning's Morning Edition, the new Italian Prime Minister is being hailed as the most cultured, well-dressed, well-spoken politician in Europe.

But alas, even in the birthplace of the Fashion Suit, the dude seems to have the same disease as the American politicos:

I just can't stand it anymore, somebody send them a gift certificate to Brooks Brothers or Jos. A. Banks or something. Bob, what were you thikning - dark suit, all drapey and foldy, and GOLD BUTTONS? Hell, I'd settle for sending them all down to Men's Wearhouse. Please, just make it right.

Stop the madness.

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sarahbellum said...

who are you kidding, gold buttons are sooo money!