Darfur Conflict

SLTRIB ran this morning a story about the continuing genocide occuring in Darfur, Sudan. It seems Oprah ran a show on it last week with a few well-meaning celebs. It seems every day that it comes further out into the light.

4 what it's worth notes some information on the Oprah program and a link.

Elsewhere, it's beginning to gain a toe hold as well. Hopefully, there is enough traction there to finally gain enough purchase to be able to actually DO something. Anyone who has seen Hotel Rwanda, and similar films, should be moved to at least educate themsleves and be more aware of the world out there beyond our borders, and then demand that sometihng be done.

The question is, can we (the US, or any other single entity) afford to be the policeman of the world? Generally, the US chooses to inject itself in areas where there is a significant US interest - the Iraq "conflict" notwithstanding - Scott over at Reach Upward speaks well of this HERE make sure to read the comments - he replies well to a comment there.

It seems that as the years go by international agencies like the United Nations (a peace-keeping force generally and initially, now more often looked at as some sort of ad hoc relief agency), and others, seem more strapped with regulation and international law, and are viewed with blatant disregard and even contempt when they try to go into countries where lawlessness reigns supreme. That doesn't seem like an effective resort. Even at home, our own relief agency, FEMA, is called "broken" and dead, even beyond the point of repair, as recently as last week.

So, what to do, then? Does anyone reall think a country run by dudes with rifles is going to care about a bunch of guys running around in white hard-hats? I will guess "no" for sake of the argument here. Therefore, if UN "forces" aren't really something that can be effectively plied, then what is it? It's not the fear of being dragged before an international tribunal, so what is it? Sorry to say, but it will probably have to be some internationally sponsored military action that quells this horrific set of circumstances.

Which comes back to the statement that, hell, we can't even care for our OWN people right here within our own borders. Do we need to get that fixed before we look outside the borders? Human compassion says no, but angry Americans on the end of the "fortunate scale" will say yes, and they VOTE - so there is part of your answer right there.

There needs to be some sort of humanitarian summit, or a UN committee, or whatever, where these things are addressed, because if we wait around til everyone in our own country is fed, sheltered, cared for, and educated properly, we're going to be waiting around for a VERY long time. Generations, I fear.


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