Randomness: The Oilers have been outplayed two games in a row

The Edmonton Oilers were the 8 seed that upset the 1 seed. But now, they're having trouble with the number 5 seed San Jose Sharks. They've been out-hustled where it counts: in the neutral zone. It's been a trial to get the puck into the offensive zone at all, and when it gets there, it doesn't stay there for long.

The Oilers will need to win the next game at home on Wednesday night to make this an interesting series, and Detroit hopes that's exactly what happens, so they can point to the team that beat them handily, and say that they were beaten by a truly better team. If the Oilers don't win the next game, Detroit will look like a bunch of no-desire pansies who were late for a tee-time.

Just my $0.02.

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for what it's worth said...

Yeah!!!!! 12:40 am...it's a good time to win a game!!!!
But what I particularly enjoyed was watching the officials shovel Smyth's teeth off the ice....5 of them....blech!!!!!!
( ah, but he'll have his jaw/teeth fixed by the end of today...)