More Drive Time

Not sure, buy I just might NEED one of these bad boys.... I've been a fan of the original Toyota Land Cruiser since my Jr. High gym teacher drove us around to wrestling meets in one. That was in the days before all the rules about teachers driving students around, etc.

Anyway, when Toyota re-introduced the Land Cruiser in its current incarnation, I was bummed that it looked NOTHING like its father at all.

It seems they heard all the hubub, and have now put it back on the road, in a comparably diminuitive package, compared to the current Land Cruiser. (The current LC sells abuot as well as it floats, at this point.) They should have taken the name back and put it back where it belongs - on this unit instead of the Escalade wannabe.

Intead they used the letters from the original: FJ Cruiser.



sarahbellum said...

i've always wanted an old cruiser, but haven't wanted to deal with the up-keep. i think toyota just solved all that for me!

That One Guy said...

Incidentally, there is a company (more than one actually) who "reclaim" old Land Cruisers, and totally gut and strip them down, do a frame-off restoration, and then sell the end product back into the market. The price? $27K. They claim the vehicle is as good as new, maybe even better, and the title still shows the original year of manufacture.