Moussaoui: "Just Kidding!!!?!"

The admitted 9-11 conspirator now claims to want to withdraw his guilty plea and have a retrial. He says he lied about the whole thing because he didn't trust his lawyers or the American people of the jury.

So now he wants a do-over. When he was sentenced to LWOP, he turned to the courtroom and said, "America, you LOST!"

Actually, Mr. Moussaoui, YOU lost. Have a nice life, dumb-ass.


sarahbellum said...

well said, my friend...

for what it's worth said...

And one can only hope that the prison culture will regualte itself and take care of him properly. Even if he's segregated, he's a target, with a bigger bullseye than the largest "Target" store the US might have.
Get him!!!! get him hard