The United States of Wal-Mart

Walmart / Sam's Club SUCKS!!!

Never shop there. They are oppressive to every person they deal with, from employees, to suppliers, to local competition. A few years ago, I was working as a designer for a Golf Bag manufacturer. It was at a time when they were just starting to look at larger distribution agreements, like Sears, Costco, Dick's Sports, etc. When they approached Sam's Club about getting into those stores, the sales guys went to a meeting with the managers of the sports division for WalMart/Sam's Club, and when our guys were told what price they would have to meet in order to get into the stores, they politely excused themselves and walked out.

The thing about Walmart is this: they have grown to a state that they beleive they can pressure a supplier to provide their product at a price that makes the MOST profit for Mr. Sam, but deteriorates every other person on the chain. The only care about one thing - and it ISN'T you.

They also treat their employees as if they are simply a commodity. Giving only 30 hours per week to avoid having to pay medical benefits. More on Wal-mart another time - I could go on for HOURS!


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