Random Rantings - Idiots all around us

The problem I have with people who make these kinds of public decisions is that they simply do what makes them the most comfortable, regardless of whether or not it is consistent with the rest of their very publicly advertised belief system. The problem with 98% of this type of people is that they are HYPOCRITES!!! Maybe that's why I am so dis-enamoured (if that's a word) with that "major" religion right now. Banning the movie is okay, because my religious beliefs tell me so. But I also own the local NBA franchise and they play on Sunday, and that's okay, even though I'm not *really* supposed to do that, and I'll show OTHER "R" rated movies in my theaters, and even though my religious leaders say I shouldn't be looking at ANY of that stuff, it's still okay, because I can put butts in the seats. And, yeah, I can drink Coke and eat all the chocolate and red meat I can shove down my throat, and most other caffienne-laden and otherwise bad-for-you items, without being excluded from my other *important* religious practices, because I have only been told that I shouldn't drink COFFEE. So, I don't drink coffee, because THAT will keep me out of the temple. HYPOCRITES and HOMOPHOBES, all of you.

All I have to say, is, "whatever, man." Morons.

And the state legislature is comprised mostly of these people. Great. According to Pat Robertson, we should be expecting a hurricane here next summer. Because that's what God does to bad people. That's why Ariel Sharon had a stroke - he moved God's people out of Gaza. Bad leader, bad.

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