Letter to the Editor - Tribune's Gay Bias

"Please, enough is enough! I couldn't believe it when three articles in as many days were devoted to "Brokeback Mountain," an obviously adult and controversial movie. Since then, I've stopped counting how many articles and commentaries you have featured regarding the movie. The Tribune is showing its usual gay bias. You can wrap it up in beautiful scenery, filming, acting, romance, etc., but it's just another attempt to romanticize the gay lifestyle and make it more palatable. I wonder how many favorable articles and commentaries you would devote toward a movie of the same caliber, romanticizing the polygamous life-style. I wonder what comments all the "open-minded" commentators coming out of the woodwork would make then. "

Morgan T. Beach West Valley City

--Hey Morgan, the last time I checked, polygamy was ILLEGAL. Moron Of The Day Award, right here, folks.

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