Moron of the Year Award: Phyllis Schlafly

These guys make Atilla The Hun look like a junior high school teacher.


They had their Utah Chapter meeting last week, in concert with the beginning of the 2006 Utah Legislature opening. They had, as a keynote speaker, Sen. Chris Buttars, R-South Jordan. As usual, complete foolishness and uneducated hatred ushered forth from his bigoted mouth:

Eagle Forum convention: Sen. Buttars is there and says gays harbor diseases at higher rate than others.

As usual, the Eagle Forum will focus on bills concerning family issues and parental rights, Ruzicka said. Eagle Forum adherents - Ruzicka said the group doesn't have an actual membership list - this year are lining up to support Sen. Chris Buttars' bill that questions evolutionary science and his measure that would outlaw gay-straight alliance clubs at Utah high schools.

Buttars disparaged homosexuals, claiming they are "changing the meaning of everything," that "their definition of morality is they have no morality" and harbor diseases at a higher rate than the general population. "If you read the homosexual rule book, you'll find their greatest target is your kids," he said.

You know, pretty soon you'll need blonde hair and blue eyes to be in his club... sound familiar to you??? May he meet the same end.

Actually, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he meets his Maker, and has to figure out what to say in order to save his own ass from what is hopefully a very hot and decisive end. There's only one place for these hateful people.

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