3 stories about Knicks forward Davis' foray into the stands

Apparently, the NBA is unable to see past the dollar signs of public relations, and has suspended Davis for five games after he went into the stands to check on his wife during an away game in Chicago. At first glance this looks like pretty serious punishment, but now that the stories are being told, it seems "the little woman" has a bit of a mouth to go along with her well-documented temper... she had previous gotten into it with Latrell Sprewell a couple of years ago. (Sprewell, remember him? That's the guy who couldn't get the "team" thing strait in his head... now he's probably selling cars... or crack. He reportedly wants to get back into the NBA, but that desire is apparently one-sided, as no teams are really interested in giving him any money to play.)

Anyway, I was watching the Lakers/Kings broadcast last night, and they showed the video during a timeout, and it all looked pretty inocuous, but now that all the sides of the story are coming out, maybe the NBA got it right... the fan involved said he doesn't drink at games, and that Kendra came after him for yelling at the refs... Davis claimed he was intoxicated. He was escorted from the area, then allowed to re-enter after averybody settled back down.

However, perhaps the NBA ought to do something to get visiting players' families out of the stands... how to do that is the question.




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