Brokeback Mountain: Jazz owner speaks

Utah magnate Larry H. Miller, who gained national news media's attention after he decided to pull "Brokeback Mountain" from his Megaplex Theatres in Salt Lake City, broke his silence about the controversy Monday in a confrontation with a KSL radio reporter at a luncheon honoring the memory of late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Miller, obviously irritated by the reporter's question about "Brokeback Mountain", swiped the microphone toward the floor and, as he glared at the reporter, snapped: "I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie. OK? Anything else you want to know?" A KSL-TV video operator recorded the confrontation, which aired on the station's 10 p.m. broadcast Monday.

I've been thinking about what I might write about this story since I saw it in the paper this morning, but what, really, is there more to say??? I'll make a bet here: I bet big Larry got a little phone call from "somebody", "asking" him to pull the movie. Just a feeling.

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