On to other inspiring things

As I go along here, I would like to throw in a couple of items that go under the category of "inspire me" as I noted in the title header of this little blog spot. I've spent a little time ranting about this and that, which is all fun, but there are other things as well, which inspire me, and make me a better person than if they were not part of my life. One of those things, and the biggest part, is my wife, Val. Quite frankly speaking, she's probably the best person I know, and she definitely inspires me every day. She makes it possible for me to do what I do, and her unconditional love is something I cherish. We have had the chance to travel a bit, but we would love to do more of that - we have a little list of places we'd love to get to in our lifetimes - preferably sooner than later. Here are a couple of pictures from this past year. The first is from our trip to St. Thomas this past November, and the other is from this past summer (05) on a trip to Alberta, where we had a nice visit with my parents and brother, and got to hang out for a day in Banff. It's a lot different than the last time I was there, several years ago... it's turned into quite the tourist destination, and it is rather full of people all the time. But that's okay. More on this stuff later.

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