A couple of news observations

So, a couple of quick posts here before the day really gets going.

First, I was reading the newspaper this morning and found a note burried on page 5 that piqued my ineterest because it is a pet peeve of mine. The article stated that there was a "major" arrest warrant served yesterday by "ICE", which was formerly the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) in the lily white, uber-righteous Utah county yesterday. They arrested four Mexicans who were producing up to 50 sets of illegal documents per week for illegal immigrants out of an Orem home. All four of the individuals were also illegal immigrants with no documentation whatsoever, and one had even been deported in 2003 for similar offenses. ICE was tipped off by employers around Provo, who had noticed a large number of Mexicans seeking employment using high quality counterfiet documents to apply for jobs there.

They should all be put on a one-way bus back to the hole in the fence at San Diego, and stuffed back through, and the one dude who was already deported should simply be chained to the fence there. There, I've said it.

Relating to this story is another one I heard as I was on the way to the office this morning: Apparently, in Nashville yesterday, there were arrests at a Driving School. After a long investigation, it was found that officials at the driving school, including its owner, had been bribing public officials at the DMV, providing cash in exchange for false Drivers' Licenses. This was a practice that went on for about a year, and they are still trying to round up everyone who went to that school in order to validate the license and check other immigration documents. They expect to find MANY illegals with false DL's.

Makes one wonder how much of that is going on. I get the feeling that this is simply the tip of a very large iceberg. Or burrito.

Thanks for listening.

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