On My Hard Drive: Miles Davis

In addition to being an Architecture Nerd, I am also a Jazz Dork. I have the luxury of being able to listen to music throughout my day, and it's almost always Jazz.

Miles Davis died when I was a college student, and it's one of those days when you remember the time and place you heard that it had happened. I have this memory from when John Lennon was killed, and when Elvis died as well. Anyway, I digress.

This is from the album Kind Of Blue... The video here is from 1958 and features John Coltrane as well. I listened to this yesterday, and thought it might be time for another installment of this ocassional little ditty we call "On My HardDrive."

For the record, other installments are listed here for your listening pleasure:
John Clayton - Nature Boy
Sly and the Family Stone
Wynton Marsalis - Cherokee


sarahbellum said...

um, i want all miles, all day. throw in a desk, i'm moving over.

That One Guy said...

yeah - you'd like it here, in that regard... classic jazz all day. None of that smooth radio jazz either...

Gimme the real thing!


Just say no to Kenny G. My motto.

sarahbellum said...

sounds like heaven. i could use some time away from the brits.