Joe Buck/Troy Aikman vs. Jim Nantz/Phil Simms

I'll take Buck/Aikman, every single time.

I'd take them even if they were announcing a hockey game. Phil Simms thinks that the louder he yells into his mike, the more important his point.

And Aikman is smart, and isn't afraid to talk in technical terms about a "deep cover 2" formation, and can actually diagram it with a telestrator. Simms, not so much. He misidentifies players, positions, plays, etc.

And Nantz puts me to sleep. Period. Stay with golf, Jim. And he's even a Utah boy, so I should have more loyalty. But I don't. And besides the point altogether, he just bought a MASSIVE house in the Park City area. Like 9 Mill...

While we're on the subject, I'm officially calling the Dallas Mavs to be the NBA champs this year. It's that simple - done deal.


OneHungMan said...

God, Phil Simms is terrible and being a NE Pats fan, he and Nantz seem to be on all the damn time.

While not a fan of Joe Buck after his tirade against Randy Moss a few years ago, OneHung agrees that Troy Aikman is a breath of fresh air.

The Dream Team for OHM would be Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf and John Madden.

OneHungMan said...

Two more things...although OneHung does like Nantz, he is better served calling OHM's favorite venue, Augusta.

Second thing, do you care if OneHung posts a link to your blog?

That One Guy said...

Al Michaels, Aikman, Madden, for me...

oh, and link away... I was planning to do the same here as well...


If we combine readers, we'll have a total of 10!! Rock on, Garth.


That One Guy said...

Hung: Interested in your thoughts about the Mavs, seeing as you dig the Cuban....


OneHungMan said...

OneHung loves Cuban, but thinks he might actually transcend the team.

OHM didn't expect you to win last year, there was something about Miami where OHM thinks they would have beaten anyone.

But OHM was very disappointed with how your big man played. It's almost like Dirk didn't want the ball at the end of the game.

And this year, despite the record, your main three are playing an awful lot of minutes a game and if one of them gets hurt or gets into foul trouble (didn't Wade go to the line like a hundred times a game last year), bad things are probably going to happen.

Although if Jason Terry plays like he did last year in the playoffs, maybe Dirk won't have to be the man.

OHM is a 76er fan (back to the days of Doc and Mo), so he generally favors the East, but between you guys and San Antonio (maybe Phoenix), the champ will probably come from the West.

Although as long as it's not Kobe, OneHung won't care who wins.

That One Guy said...

I think Dirk has a new fire in his belly this year... he seems to not miss anytihng from about 12 feet - and now knows how to close out a game, even a close one.

And you're right, with Terry, who knows.. I think they have what it takes. And with the injuries in the East, not the least of which is the FatMan, I think the West has it, and I just think that Phoenix is one or two years too young right now - despite the presence of Nash there.

And, Kobe who???

OneHungMan said...

shouldn't you be a Jazz fan?

That One Guy said...

oh, but I AM a Jazz fan... they're doing GREAT this year, but I don't see them winning their way into the second round of the playoffs... but you gotta like what they've done so far... #6 on SI's power rankings doesn't suck.

But in the overall picture, they still have some work to be done. There are rumors here (as there are in other NBA cities) of Corey Magette showing up in a Jazz uni at some point before the trade deadline... I guess we'll see on that.

The jazz need to learn some perimiter defense skills, we've had five players go off on us for 50 or more points this year, most recently Arennas two days ago.

The city was LOVIN' them during the first part of the season, but they've gone 12-12 since they were 12-0, so, the jury's still out on them for the season. Young team.

OneHungMan said...

OneHung thinks if the Jazz couldn't do it with Karl and Johnnie, they'll never do it.