Go see Blueroof.com - seriously.

I've been watching this little company for a long time now - I noticed the billboards shortly after they went up, and the web site ROCKS. Go see for yourself. And read the blog too.

It's no secret that I am no real fan of real estate agents. My general problem with them is that they offer no VALUE for their services, and only exist in a transaction because of some autonomous hold they have over the MLS, and because Utah is a nondisclosure state, the MLS is about the only resource for home sales data. But you and I don't have access to it. Enter the prick real estate agent. But anyway.... don't get me started.

However, Greg Tracy is different. He believes that a consumer (a buyer or seller) should have access to as much information and education as possible, and that an agent's presence in a transaction should add VALUE, not just access to tightly-held information. If you read here often, you'll know that those are the guiding principles to MY business as well, and I value anyone who takes the same bent.

I've worked with A LOT of real estate agents. I would only recommend one - Greg Tracy.

One thing about Greg, his drink of choice is Jack and Coke, and I don't like Jack and Coke. My drink is a three-cherry Manhattan. But that's not to say that we couldn't co-exist, we just couldn't share drinks. Not that I would want to. Just sayin'. He also likes french-cuff shirts - as I do. I know, it's eerie.

And while we're on real estate - here's something for you: the most recent data is out in Utah regarding home price valuations... being a non-disclosure state as we are, this is about the only data available to the public here that isn't controlled by the Board of Realtors. It offers a nice snap-shot of home price movement, quarter by quarter, year over year.

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