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Apparently Joe Biden is reading this blog. He saw this post, from May 06, and has taken my advice to run for president. No exploratory committee, no nothin' - "I'm just runnin'."

I hope he stays pissed off. It seems like most of the other candidates, on both sides, are celebrity, or novelty, candidates, rather than true political powers. Having said that, I do think Hillary Clinton is qualified, but I just think there is too much baggage with her, and she is ultimately unelectable west of, say, New York. I guess we'll see how that little prediction goes. I also think Obama is vapor-ware, ultimately a novelty. When the rubber hits the road, he won't be there.

I noted in May that Biden seems like he was truly pissed off with the whole interior of the Beltway. I hope he remains so. There are some tough questions that need to be asked, and answered.


Democracy Lover said...

I thought I'd scan your blog since you commented on the "Reach Upward" blog. I see you got your wish, but Biden seems to have self-destructed on launch.

It's amazing that we have 21 candidates running at this point, and none of them are worth a plugged nickel. I agree with you on Obama and Clinton, but I also have no real interest in Biden, Vilsack, Dodd, Edwards, Gravel, Kucinich or Richardson. The Republicans are a collection of empty suits, inveterate liars, and nut jobs.

You would think that the abject failure of the Bush Administration would attract some intelligent, courageous, and electable candidates. Guess not.

That One Guy said...

yeah - I noted with some interest Biden's comments. Unfortunate to be sure... however, with that said, he does seem like a guy who doesn't have a covey of handlers and speech writers and such to primp him for the cameras. Instead, he just says what pops into his head, obviously, to his detriment this time.

And I do agree, there aren't really ANY shiners out there yet. Which doesn't bode well, me thinks.

Who knows, I *might* start to like Edwards though... remains to be seen.

Thanks for stopping by, and come again for sure!

That One Guy said...

and I might add, in summary, that Biden seems like one of the last "real" guys in DC... that might be a dying breed though.

He said, in a fit of damage control, that his comments were meant to infer "freshness of ideas", rather than "cleanliness of body."

Which I can mostly buy.