A GREAT idea: Finders! Keepers?

I've mentioned that I subscribe to MANY blogs via a news aggregator. One of those is a "blog of the day" service, that collects nominations and publishes two or three Blogs of the Day each day.

I look at the message and see what is nominated each day, but I RARELY visit them unless they are VERY compelling - something needs to speak to an interest I have, or something like that.

One from this morning did indeed compel me to look. Its description was simply this:

There you are, going about your business and you see something on a shelf - or on a subway seat - or in a stack of books - that looks the picture. What should you do?

So I went to take a look. And I must say, this is a GREAT project. An artist in Colorado is painting original oil works, and packaging them up and leaving them in public spaces for people to find and either pass on, or keep for themselves to appreciate.

As someone who enjoys art of many types, I must say, this is a great idea. The artist leaves some information in the package (basically, a zip-lock baggie) asking the finder to log onto the site and leave the location, impression, and the intentions regarding what the finder is going to do with the painting.

I've seen this done with dollar bills and such, and you have too probably, but this is a whole other story, when you are talking about making the world a little bit better place for random people.

If there were more people out there like this, this place wouldn't be half so bad.

I'm just sayin.


OneHungMan said...

Just noticed you're a Mark Cuban fan. He and OneHung attended the same college, albeit at different times.

Memphis Steve said...

That would be cool, but paint and canvas aren't cheap and it takes time. It sounds like this guy just really, really loves to paint. If you think about it, this is sort of an upper class style of graffiti, like drawing naked ladies on the bathroom wall, only more upscale.