The Land of Aston Martins & Bentleys

So, I promised a few pictures from our little trip away just before Christmas. Here they are:

First, where we stayed.

The view from our hotel room:

I had heard news, as we all have, I guess, about the state of the real estate market in California. I've seen headlines like, "It's all over except the crying in California", or "All The Forces Are Now Ganged Up In California", or "Free-Market Gravity Takes Hold In California", so we decided to take a little drive up in the hills a bit, above Laguna Niguel. Lots of For Sale signs. I didn't make any inquiries, but if you are familiar with the area, you probably know that this is a 7-figure area.

So, I must say I was a little surprised to see the vast number of Bentleys driving around. They are as common there as the Audi A6 is here. A quick perusal of the Bentley web site shows the retail price of the base unit at a whopping $229,000. Damn. And still so many. There were not a few Aston Martins there as well. Same kind of price range. They were stacked up in the Valet area every single day. These pictures are from there.

So anyway, one of the days we decided to drive down the PCH to the San Diego area, and then up north a ways as well. We had lunch at a fresh fish harbor and ate some really yummy fish. That's a true statement for EVERYWHERE we ate there. The first night there we went to a little hole in the wall restaurant, and I had a whole lobster - it was heavenly, if you like that sort of thing...

On another day, we took a trip to the Long Beach area, and went to see the Queen Mary. Stupidly, I walked around with the little camera swinging from my hand, AND NEVER TOOK A SINGLE DAMN PICTURE. And here's why that was soooo stupid: The Queen Mary is an interesting little trip. There are two facets to the tour. First, there is the nautical stuff, the Captain's quarters, etc. But then there's the design of the public spaces. This space is a gorgeously preserved example of the Art Deco design period. Everywhere you turn there are beautiful round chrome bits, wonderful finished wood paneling, excellent lighting fixtures. I was in awe. And took no pictures. Because I am a moron.

But we had a nice time anyway.

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for what it's worth said...

I used to work with a guy who literally spent all school breaks travelling. He would go to France, to Scotland, Australia etc We would always ask to see his pictures....you know in all the years I knew him, I never saw a snapshot. He simply never took pictures ever. He said he had the memories and that's all he needed. Weird huh?