What $11.11 looks like:

It looked different when it was in the ash-tray of my car.

And yes, that's $3.06 in pennies alone.

This was precipitated by something this week:

Every Tuesday ThatOneWife drives my car to work instead of hers. This past Tuesday, several in her office decided that Thai would be a good lunch, and they fled the office, some of them in MY car.

On their way back to their office, some of the passengers quipped that there was a lot of change in there, and wondered if they should bring some of those penny stacking sleeve thingies for us to put the change in.

So this inspired me to clear out the ash tray - and yes, I counted it out. Other non-monetary items there were 2 gum wrappers and three bus fuse covers from under the dash.

Why should you care? Well, you shouldn't. I certainly don't.

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