Einstein at the wheel

So, Ford Motor Co released the news earlier this week that they had LOST about 5 Billion dollars... Billion with a "B"... in the most recent operating quarter.

The new CEO stated that they needed to "Find a new strategy."

Nice one, Sherlock.

Here's a strategy: How bout hiring some designers with a clue.

Just sayin.


Reach Upward said...

The last Taurus rolls off the production line this month, I understand. It pulled Ford out of the dumps back in the 80s, but they kept beating that dead horse until it was, well, dead.

I have seen a lot of the new Mustangs running around lately. They must be making some money on those, but the market for muscle-type sports cars is only so big. Every time we see one, it is being driven by a guy that is 20-something or a guy that is 50-something+. My boys asked me why that is, and I say that we can't afford one, and I had a discussion with them about the demographics of levels of disposable income.

That One Guy said...

After I wrote the post, I heard an economic report that talked about the Ford troubles. Consensus is that they simultaneously ignored the Lincoln brand into the ground while picking up the financial black holes known as Land Rover, Jaguar, and Volvo.

Doesn't seem like such a great idea now though.

Ford needed design work at home before it went on a shopping spree.