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Every once in a while we get somebody who comes into the office and thinks it's okay to bring their little hellions children with them. This time, they were accompanied by a little Chihuahua named COCO. COCO is young and has a bladder problem.

So after settling in, these small people and their small dog, decided it might be fun to play with the office phones. This is after spilling water-cooler water, eating all but two donuts, and subsequently getting chocolate fingers on the wall, etc. etc.....

As the adrenaline was ramping up on the phone fun, I quietly picked up the phone, hit the intercom button, and said, in my mean halloween voice, "If you don't stop playing with the phones, the big bad man will eat your little dog for lunch." I replaced the phone without anyone seeing me, and went back to work.

It's quiet now.

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for what it's worth said...

Well Done!
I used to go to the office to get a message or something and I would check the noise in the class...every once in a while I would disguise my voice and be "The almighty voice" and that bought us a few hours of diligent work.