ThatOneGuy 100.

I've seen this done many times, and there have been people who've "tagged" me to do it. I've resisted. I've had this on my machine for about a week, pondering whether I really wanted to put it up here or not, but I decided to go ahead. So, without further ado about nothing...

ThatOneGuy One Hundred Things:

1. I spend too much time at work. There is always pressure to spend more time.

2. I'm not a typical "loan officer".

3. My worst subject is school was math. Now I work in a finance field.

4. I haven't owned an American car for a long time -

5. And I don't have any plans to in the future.

6. I'm a fiscal conservative, and a social liberal. That's more Democratic than anything else these days.

7. I'm opinionated.

8. Many of my opinions are based on emotional response.

9. I think all children should take multiple music classes in school, to at least the end of the junior high years.

10. Same with Art.

11. I think many people (including those in my family) think I'm conceited. Or aloof, or stupid, or all of the above.

12. I think there should be an official state lottery in Utah.

13. I think the government spends too much time in our bedrooms and other personal areas, where they have no business.

14. I think the government spends too little time on things that really matter.

15. I think almost every government agency is bloated.

16. I think we should have socialized medicine in the United States.

17. I think healthcare should be affordable to companies in order to be able to care for their employees better.

18. I think the medical system in this country is broken, top to bottom.

19. I used to socialize better with people who were older than me.

20. Now I don't.

21. I wish I socialized more.

22. I wish I had a home more conducive to socializing.

23. I think mortgage interest rates should remain between 6 and 7 percent.

24. I think the Dow Jones Industrial Average should remain at 10,800 - 11,300.

25. Until I retire, that is.

26. I wish I had the financial means to give my kids everything they want.

27. I'm glad I don't.

28. I don't like people who think they are simply entitled, to anything.

29. I don't like illegal immigrants for this reason, among others.

30. I think there should be more school days in the calendar year, and longer school days every day.

31. From a work hours/days off perspective, I think teachers don't know how good they've got it. But they should be paid a starting wage of $35,000. Increases based on Merit and Cost of Living, not tenure.

32. I weigh 25 pounds more than I would like to.

33. I like the fact that I am my own boss, but it does have its drawbacks.

34. I couldn't do what I do unless my wife did what she does.

35. I adore her.

36. I think schools tolerate too many distractions.

37. I don't think regular public schools should be forced to teach and/or accommodate bilingual needs.

38. I think there are too few clubs/restaurants where one can be treated to decent jazz in SLC on a regular, dependable basis.

39. I take Bass lessons.

40. I would like to find three or four other jazz players with whom I could play on a regular basis.

41. I would probably quit taking lessons if I could find that.

42. My wife's successes make me proud.

43. They also make me feel like a floundering slob sometimes.

44. I'm not as mentally tough as I would like to be.

45. I'm 20 times more mentally tough than I was five years ago.

46. There are things I don't admit to myself.

47. I think that more than 50% of adults are poorly adjusted where it concerns sexuality.

48. I am uplifted and inspired by good music of almost any style/genre. There is no "good" country music.

49. Same with well-acted/directed movies.

50. People who misuse the English language, especially in corporate/professional communications, make me crazy, and I tend to think less of them, if only subconsciously.

51. Email is corporate/professional communication. Blogs aren't.

52. I wish my dogs got more walks.

53. I have only myself to blame for that.

54. I wish I were a better student when it counted.

55. I thereby wish I were a residential architect/urban planner.

56. My desk is usually a disaster.

57. Some days I multitask well. Others, I don't.

58. I am loyal, empathetic, compassionate to those around me, sometimes to a fault.

59. I don't like to be the bad cop in the game of "good cop/bad cop" with my kids.

60. But I also don't like making my wife do it either.

61. I'm a Northern European whitey who burns under only a THREAT of UV rays, but my first thought, when thinking about a vacation, is somewhere hot and tropical. Obviously, I'm maladjusted.

62. I have less energy than I want.

63. I eat poorly.

64. 62 and 63 are related. I know. Shut up. I mean it. Really.

65. I'm probably more fit than the median at my age. Which probably isn't saying much, I know. Shut up. Again.

66. People who wish to impose their morality on society as a whole, turn me off. Way off.

67. "Pay It Forward" is a concept that works.

68. I like wrist-watches.

69. My wife thinks her car is green. It's blue. (Apparently, this is more MY problem than hers though.)

70. I have an online stock portfolio that is up 45% since May 06. I don't have any real money in it, though.

71. I recently bought 150 shares of Delta Airlines though. I'm up about 68% on that one, in the span of about 2.5 weeks. It's not very much money.

72. I acted in a production of Saturday's Warrior when I was 15. I played the lead role in a production of Fiddler on the Roof about 9 years ago. I would like to be the bass player in a production of Forever Plaid.

73. I hate cats.

74. My job is much more stressful that I freely admit. I sometimes have trouble sleeping.

75. Most people who work in (all facets of) real estate have no idea what a mortgage office does. Most don't work with a good mortgage office though. Real estate agents who take it upon themselves to do my job for me irritate the hell out of me.

76. I dehydrate easily.

77. I drink lots of water. I have the caps from about 60 water/gatorade bottles sitting on my desk. I throw the caps at people who bother me, either singly, or in big hand fulls. I used to draw different kinds of eyes on them and wear them around the office over my eyes, to show what my mood was at the time. I'm the life of the freakin' party.

78. I have several pairs of glasses, and should wear them more often.

79. The first 20 of these are easier than the last 20.

80. I'm not as handy around the house as I would like. This never stops me, however. Unfortunately.

81. I keep a record of conversations and other pertinent business information on yellow legal pads. Looking back, it's interesting to see where I've been and what I said when I was there.

82. I doodle when I'm on the phone.

83. I'm a pen snob, and only like certain ones. Current favorite: Uni Ball Jetstream Blue.

84. I conduct my business in blue ink, as it tells me what is "wet-ink" stuff and which is faxed.

85. I hate spending money on myself. I generally hate spending money, period.

86. I hate shopping too. If I could, ALL my shopping would be done online - all the time, everything.

87. I like to spend money on my wife. I wish I had more of it to do that with.

88. I have two tattoos. I love them both.

89. They both have specific emotional meaning to me.

90. There are specific teachers or bosses in my past that have helped shape who I am. Not very many, but they are there. There are others who've had a lasting negative effect on me.

91. I believe a big part of my job is education. Many others don't see it that way. I clean up their messes.

92. I'm a licensed broker with more than 230 lenders in 42 states. Where do I go to find the right program for you? Big job.

93. I have two sets of speakers in my back yard. I haven't listened to them NEARLY enough this summer. At all.

94. I would like to write a book of fiction. And have it published.

95. It bothers me when people don't answer their phone, or do what they say they are going to do. A lot.

96. I like IKEA. For shame. :)

97. Fluorescent lights bother me. Most direct incandescent light does too. Maybe that's why I am so white.

98. Rapid changes in barometric pressure bother my noggin.

99. I subscribe to SEVERAL magazines. I read most of them.

100. I'm not sure why I wrote all these, and I'm not sure I'll post it. I guess if you are reading this, I decided to post it.


for what it's worth said...

Speakin of which...how's the supply of bulbs for all the Ikea lamps?

RiveterGirl said...

Interesting. But you didn't mention sense of humor. Do you think you're funny?

That One Guy said...

hmmm Do I think I'm funny....

Not sure I would say I'm funny... my sense of humor is dry and generally sarcastic... People do tell me I'm funny though, and they say I'm pretty quick with the one-liners, and a turn of the english language... I guess that's funny, but I don't generally regard myself as a humorous person. I guess I try to be "light-humored" most of the time.

It takes the focus away from my otherwise pitiful existence... hahaha... was that funny? :)

I guess the question is, do YOU think I'm funny?

Robin said...

Pretty funny, yeah. A quick wit is the best kind, I think.

There are some who think that the people who say they are funny, aren't. I don't care if that's true or not. I think I'm hilarious ... which is a good thing because I've got no use for people who are neither sarcastic nor funny — I find myself to be both, so I'm keeping me around.

So I'm always interested in what people think of themselves ... and you think you're funny, you just don't want to admit it.

That One Guy said...

yes, well, that would be #46 above, then, wouldn't it...??


Dijea said...

I totally agree with 13, 14 & 15.

Stu the (not so) Wise said...

"TRADITION!!!" That's all I remember from Fiddler on the Roof. I had an LDS seminary teacher that was Jewish (raised by a protestant father and Catholic mother) and we watched that part in his class one day.

As for me, you'll NEVER get 100 things out of me! Bah hahaha!

1. I regularly dream that I get fired from work.